Icons of the modern design, Ray and Charles Eames endow their creations with the sculptural charm and proverbial good-humor of the mid 20th century.

Lifestyle Homestore recommendations for November makeup a lovely collection of interior design objects bringing ever lasting inspiration, authenticity and genuine beauty to your intimate space. Charles and Ray Eames developed the Eames Bird as part of their "home collage". Beautifully inspired by the American folk art, the Eames Bird is one of the most prized objects, a delicate, black silhouette that makes an artistic statement in every inspired home.

Part of the permanent collection of MoMa, the Herman Miller Plywood Lounge Chair has earned its reputation for "Best Modern". This is our second pick for the month, an accent chair of a sculptural beauty in Walnut finish for a natural feel. Opt for one among the 6 available finishes offered to you by Office Designs.

Third on our list is a playful storybook character, a majestic creature: the Eames Elephant. The prototype was created in plywood and later launched to mass production in plastic in a set of lovely colors. Bring in a long lasting, funny friend. You may find it at All Modern at an affordable price.

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